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Eclipse Bigfoot S846

The Eclipse Trailmaster series allows individuals to experience the outdoors in feature rich design, style, performance & comfort. They also come standard with an LCD digital dashboard. This series is for those individuals who want to travel a little further, in style. The full-size series are the most popular scooters in our portfolio.



  • Eclipse Trailmaster Bigfoot 4-wheel scooter
  • Digital LCD dashboard
  • Full light package
  • Front & rear suspension with 400 lbs weight capacity
  • 75AH batteries with 6A charger
  • Includes 2 mirrors
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Model Comparison

Shoprider LandCruiser 889XLSBN Eclipse Bigfoot S836 Eclipse Bigfoot S846
L x W x H Dimensions 56" x 28" x 50" 56" x 26" x 48" 56" x 26" x 49"
WEIGHT 147KG/323LBS 127KG/280LBS 130KG/286LBS
MOTOR 2.0HP 2.3HP 2.3HP
SPEED 13.5KPH/8.4MPH 15KPH/9.5MPH 15KPH/9.5MPH
BATTERY 2 x 75AH 2 x 75AH 2 x 75AH
TIRE 4 x 12.5" F12" R12" F12" R12"
DRIVING DIST. 48KM/30M 50KM/32M 50KM/32M
TURNING RADIUS 178CM/70" 130CM/51" 161CM/63"
SAFE CLIMB 12°/20% 10°/16% 10°/16%